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2019 TokenSky Blockchain Hong Kong Session

2019 TokenSky Blockchain Hong Kong Session
        The 2019 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Hong Kong Station and the 16th TFC Global Mobile Games Conference were held concurrently, with the focus on blockchain games, and the theme of “Chain Opportunity Embracing Supervision” to promote the mobile games immigrating to blockchain games and promote Inter-regional and cross-industry deep cooperation in blockchain. TokenSky is a world-class professional digital economy and blockchain industry conference brand. It is a large-scale B+C type professional exhibition and has been successfully held in Seoul and Tokyo for two sessions.
       This year's "TokenSky Hong Kong Station and the 16th TFC Global Game & Entertainment Conference" stood in a new era. With the theme of "games go abroad, globalization, and a new era of blockchain games". It is mainly to discuss the future of blockchain game, new opportunities, new challenges, game going abroad operations and liquidation related topics. The organizer has more than 10 years of data accumulation in the mobile game industry. We invited more than 1,000 mobile game companies and CP teams to participate, and invite global blockchain industry infrastructure project parties and investors for a deep cooporation and integration. At the same time, We have invited well-known channel dealers, distributors and service providers from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other regions and countries to promote the mobile game moving to blockchain games and promote the game globalization as well as blockchain development.
The new era of blockchain game broke out! With 1000 game companies participating, are you on the list?
       Recently, in the industry, everyone's eyes has focused on blockchain games. Under the big bear market, there is an area where hot spots can turn up. That is the blockchain. From the earliest Ethernet Cat (CryptoKitty) to the later FOMO3D, there has been a wave of enthusiasm in the industry. Recently, the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) was held in the United States. Blockchain games have become an important topic.
       With the improvement and maturity of the blockchain infrastructure, the game industry is about to enter a new era. This is the era of blockchain game. From the terminal game, page game, mobile game to blockchain game, we have witnessed and experienced the entire development process of the game industry.
       The 2019 TokenSky organizers have had 17 years of global game conference resources and experience. We will invite the global blockchain industry infrastructure project parties, investors, well-known channel dealers, distributors and service providers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, other regions and countries to promote game globalization and blockchain development.
       It is a clear trend that the game industry is the direction of future “new economy”. Now the blockchain technology is ready to revolute the games very differently in the game market. TokenSky has invited 1,000 game companies and service providers to jointly open a new era of blockchain game, and jointly create a phenomena-level "all-blockchain game era", TokenSky is ready to go. Let’s subvert the future of the game industry.
These days, the game circle is talking about blockchain links.
       The game industry is suffering, it is very difficult to go ahead. This is the experience of many game teams. The downturn in the traditional game market has been forced the game team to look for a new way out, and the blockchain game in the game market has sprung up and attracted the industry’s attention.
       What is a blockchain game? It is to use blockchain technology to transfer the traditional game contents and assets to the blockchain environment, and create a new ecology different from the traditional games. Therefore it will solve the problems among the traditional game players, CP, channels, promotion & distribution, investment and other roles. The new world of blockchain games will effectively solve the painful problems such as the scarcity of traffic, the version number, the long settlement period, the channel monopoly, and the difficulty of going abroad in the game industry.
       The fundamental difference of blockchain games and traditional games is that “Investment is money, the community is the channel.” The blockchain games can bring a whole new experience for players, and help game producers solve the problems such as funds, publishing, going abroad.
       Blockchain games will completely overthrow the traditional game industry. The game developers and players will invest together, create a free and innovative environment. Each game is a new world in the blockchain. Everyone in the game community is one of game owner. They will together design and improve the game to make it perfect as their own expectation and creativity. Relied on the blockchain game ecosystem, all the community members will make distribution and share benefit by the way of smart contracts and incentive tokens. It will extend game more playable and then build up a new era.
       Because game digital assets can be directly generated and stored in the blockchain, game industry is regarded as the best scenario of application and integration for an era ecosystem. The blockchain game infrastructure has been fastly constructed. The new blockchain world has initially formed the industrial structure of the blockchain game community, the underlying public chain, smart contracts, digital wallets, chain reform programs, support tools, trading platforms and distribution platforms. Since the blockchain game began to sprout in 2017, many teams and platforms based on the blockchain have been growing. So far, Netease, Yingying Network, Youjiu Games, Thunder and other listed companies have also landed.
        NetEase promoted Fuxi Tongbao and changed game development mode. DappRadar's statistics show that hundreds of blockchain games have appeared worldwide such as CrpytoKitties, Region chain rabbit, Etheremon, Eherbots, Decentraland, CryptoCountries, CryptoCities.net, World-YouCollect, Fair.Game, vDice, Etheroll, WinSome "EtherFlip", etc., which covered several categories of games such as pets, real estate, business, purchase, chess and so on.
       In the blockchain game world, TokenSky planet is the bright and grand platform that provide service and help for thousands of mobile games transforming into blockchain games in the new era. Depended on TokenSky’s huge data accumulation for serving hundreds of thousand mobile game and network customers in the time of 16 years, we lead tens of thousand of mobile game players into blockchain games. The purpose of the planet is to provide all kinds of services for the customers in the mobile games, blockchain games, blockchain technology, public chains, exchanges, community and other blockchain practitioners. TokenSky will also hold a press conference during the TokenSky Hong Kong Station and the 16th TFC Global Game & Entertainments Conference on April 17-18. Participants can download the above Planet App to share resources and services, and grab opportunities for new industry cooperation.
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